SmartSystems offers individual solutions for control systems and technical equipment – from offices or industry up to grand public building complexes and hotels. Our aim is to ease your control and communication as well as optimize your security and economic aspects – and all by intuitive and simple management, tailored to your specifical needs.

Building control systems

Trust is good, control is better.
SmartSystems solutions allow you to manage and control interior and exterior rooms or building sections in a centralized or decentralized manner. It begins at the entrance with intelligent access systems and goes on to complex possibilities to control the entire lighting, air conditioning or security systems up to the individual control of single rooms.

  • Energy saving
  • Business Building automation
  • Climate control
  • Light control
  • Pool/Spa
  • Security systems
  • Video surveillance

Presentation technology

­­An immaculate appearance.
We plan and realize the perfect media- and presentation techniques for your rooms which precisely suit your needs and using the required equipment and latest technical components. Our systems are individual, modular and can be extended to modified requirements at any time. Their operation is intuitive and done via touch panel, computer, tablet or smartphone.

  • Presentation technology
  • Sound technology

Conference technology

No compromise.
Video-/telephone conferences, simultaneous interpreting equipment or boardroom technology – the optimal transmission performance of image and sound is most important aspect. We produce and deliver systems that are perfectly adjusted to the parameters of the individual rooms. Furthermore, our solutions are easily operated via a clear, largely automated user navigation.

  • Audio technology
  • Conference systems
  • Sound technology
  • Video surveillance

Audio systems

Make yourself heard.
Complex audio systems for various areas of application. Our spectrum ranges from alarm and announcement systems for schools or public institutions to public address systems for convention centers and theaters. The area of application, acoustic conditions and sound effects are precisely aligned in order to achieve the best results.

  • Audio technology

Lighting & stage technology

Skillfully set up.
Not one functional room equals another, whether it is a stage, town hall or concert hall. We therefore mainly develop our solutions mostly in close collaboration with architects, urban planners and operators. For the implementation, depending on the requirements, we ensure a discreet or even invisible positioning of the systems used. In doing so, we always focus on excellent acoustics and perfect functionality.

  • Audio technology
  • Illumination
  • Sound technology

Digital signage

Images speak louder than words.
We use our well-thought-out display concepts to ensure the appropriate appearance for inside and outside areas. SmartSystems designs and realizes management and communication systems, video screen walls, signboards or electrical door plates, all centrally or decentrally controlled.

  • Digital signage

The direct route

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