SmartSystems is your specialist for complex control systems and technical equipment in business buildings, hotels, private homes and public buildings. Numerous successfully implemented national and international projects make us a reliable partner for individual building control systems, starting with planning and continuing right up to completion.

Development and consultation

A concept right from the start.
With our know-how, we helpfully assist architects, property developers, interior designers and planning agencies as independent consultants even before first construction drawings/documents. Clients requests’, the local conditions and technical feasibility are considered right from the start of the planning phase in order to achieve the perfect result.

Execution & implementing

­­Individuality is key.
Visible, discreetly integrated or completely invisible? Cabled or wireless? Personalized user interface? Due to our tailored systems, there is almost no limit to execution or realization and we can individually accommodate clients requests’. After the finalized planning, we take care of the constructional and technical implementation up until the completion, the following initialization, documentation and the final instruction.

Service and maintenance

Focus on quality.
The high quality components our suppliers use are designed for the long term and reliable functionality. The operation is extremely intuitive and directly tailored to the clients. SmartSystems offers additional services such as regular on-site maintenance and system updates in order to guarantee proper functioning.

After sales

We do not abandon you.
A finished project doesn’t mean the end of our business relationship. As an additional service, we provide our clients with a competent technical consultant who knows the individual installations.

The direct route

Do you want to find out about the practically unlimited possibilities of building control systems?
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